Thai costume (E)

Traditional Thai clothing is called chut thai (Thai: ชุดไทย Thai pronunciation: [tɕʰút.tʰaj]) which literally means “Thai outfit”. It can be worn by men, women, and children. Chut thai for women usually consists of a pha nung or a chong kraben, a blouse, and a sabai. Northern and northeastern women may wear a sinh instead of a pha nung and a chong kraben with either a blouse or a suea pat. Chut thai for men includes a chong kraben or pants, a Raj pattern shirt, with optional knee-length white socks and a sabai. Chut thai for northern Thai men is composed of a sado, a white Manchu styled jacket, and sometimes a khian hua. In formal occasions, people may choose to wear a so-called formal Thai national costume.

ที่มาข้อมูล : https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Traditional_Thai_clothing



Eng : Bathing Buddha
Thai : song-nam-phra

Eng : Thai costume
Thai : chut-thai

Eng : Thai traditional shirt
Thai : suea-kho-pat

Eng : Chong-kra-ben
Thai : Chong-kra-ben

Eng : Sabai
Thai : sa-bai

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